Livestream x Multicam

“Livestream is not a hype. It has always been there and always will be. Because of the need during COVID, it has been (re)discovered to attend new societal needs.” 

– JONATHAN KAUFFMANN, owner & livestream specialist PowerBox

You’ve probably organized one or attended a livestream so it’s safe to say everybody knows about it by now. But how do you successfully organise a livestream? And we’re not just talking about connecting a camera to Facebook. We’re talking about the entire package from preparation to execution. 

Here are some questions we will answer together:


What do you want to stream? What’s your goal? What’s your budget. Together we build a package that fits your every need.


Which platforms are we going to use to achieve your marketing goals? Do you want to stream to a webinar platform or a peer-to-peer platform? Or do we just need to get your stream distributed across as many channels as possible?


Organising a stream is nothing more that organising any other event. Together with our marketing team we set up and achieve the goals you intended for your livestream.


How are we going to include the viewers into participating in the event? Polls, Q&A, chatbox, wordclouds, …


What are the technical needs of your stream? Which of the venue’s available facilities can be used for your livestream and which facilities do we need to provide?


Did we achieve your goals? Which were the peak moments of your stream? What was good about it or what can be done better?

our solutions

Hybrid event

Talking about trends here’s another one. 

The hybrid event allows you to organise an in-person event but still reach additional audiences around the globe.

Our Mobile Event Unit controls the onstage screens and livestream in one rollable set, combining all of your technical aspects into one flow.

Highlighted project: WWF Living Planet Report

Webinar – Studio Broadcast

Are you tired of driving around the country to do the same presentation over and over? Do you want to create a more engaging webinar then the average ‘listening to a voice talking over a PowerPoint’. Our webinar services are just that.

Our studio broadcasts range from a panel discussion with audience in a live decor to a person walking through a digital studio using a green screen.

Highlighted Project: Arval? Neos VZW?

Music Event – Music Festival

Having an online presence is essential for the growth of your music event. Using our Mobile Event Unit or our OB Unit we livestream small to large festivals with multiple stages adding the right tools to tailor a steady growing amount of visitors whilst pushing the content to onsite screens for ultimate viewability.

Highlighted Project:
Complex Festival 2023
Suikerrock 2023


Reaching additional audiences online with your courses can expand the wordwide reach of your products. But it doesn’t have to be costly. Our Micro Event Unit can setup peer-to-peer livestreams or one-to-many broadcasts without leaving a steaming hole in your budget.

Highlighted Project:

Town Hall – City Counsel

Do you have a chaotic panel on the agenda with a massive amount of speakers no cameraman will ever be able to follow. Our Automated Event Setup reels a line between our PTZ cameras and our microphone system turning broadcasting 40 different speakers in a total breeze.

Highlighted Project: Gemeenteraad Diepenbeek

Music Promo Broadcasts

Are you an artist, label or booking agency and want to promote your upcoming album, show, … Having an existing video of your performance to show to a promoter will do wonders. We can provide a broadcast style video of your live performance at a live venue, an awesome location or in a dark clubby room. The choice is yours.

Infader Live at Rockstar Recordings