Multicam – Livestream

On a tight budget or are you just a fan of transparant offers? (who isn’t?) 

We start our offers chosing from one of these three set-ups for electronic music.

Fixed set 

be a fly on the wall and get real close on the dj and set-up


3 fixed cameras

audio from PA and ambiance mic

streaming to 1 online destination 

+ external screen 

Flying camera 

an immersive experience, in the crowd and on the stage


3 fixed cameras

extra cameraman for audience

audio from PA and ambiance mic

extra audio from cameraman

streaming to 1 online destination 

+ external screen 

Movable cameras 

got loads to show? Turn around and zoom


2 PTZ(Pan/Tilt/Zoom)-cameras

1 fixed camera

audio from PA and ambiance mic

streaming to 1 online destination

+ external screen

Some more extra's

Extra cameras 

Not enough cams in our setup? Not a problem. We can add more fixed, flying or PTZ cams to any offer.


Need some kickass designs as an opener, artist announcement or sponsor reel? We work with professional designers for broadcast.


Got an outdoor event and want to add drones into the mix? We can add them to our stream to have an 'eye from the sky'! No worries though. We only work with BCAA licensed pilots.

Multiple destinations

Want to stream to different locations at the same time? Social channels and website? Our streaming encoders can output to multiple destinations in variable resolutions. 

4G solutions 

Got no internet on site? We can offer 4G solutions for any stream. 

Camera productions 

Want more video? We can set-up EFP crews to film aftermovies, interviews or host an entire mediavillage for your event.

Web distribution

Sick and tired of low ratings on your livestream? Distribution is the solution! We will help setup a media distribution plan with mediapartners like BE-AT.TV, DanceTelevision, Chase! All tailored to your event!

Got more questions?


Event Productions

Livestream tailored to your event

Want video on you event, but no idea what you need? No problem! We can schedule a meeting to listen to your requests and create a custom multicam production.

Studio productions

No venue? No problem!

Want to do a promo stream, webinar, tutorial or DJ set? But don't have a venue? Not a problem! We can set up a studio livestream in no time! 

Request information 

I want to receive an offer or information about …

I want to receive an offer or information about …
Fixed set
Flying camera
Custom productions
Something else


Give us a call at +32 472 96 65 08
or email


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